Love Song (I & II)


Let us go then, You & I,
Holding each other hand
To the place,
Filled with the aroma of
brewing coffee;
where your smile will
Only belong to me
Oh! Don't ask why?
Let's just go.

In the place filled with people
Satirizing on Politics.

Do I Dare?
To speak to you
Or every minute
Will become a struggle in itself.


You are sitting in front of me smiling widely,
Fixing your hair repeatedly
Are you nervous?
Are you confuse?
I can't detect, what you are feeling right now
Oh! How much I wish I could,
read your mind.

Do I Dare?
With my Acne vulgaris face-
(Instead of perfectly makeup face)
With not so enticing dress-
(Instead of beautiful dresses)
With comfortable sports shoes-
(Instead of High heels)
With my oversized body-
(Instead of the perfectly shaped body)
To speak to you,
My heart intends.

In the place filled with people
Satirizing on Politics.

To be continued...

Long Distance Friendship

We have never shared lunch,
We have never snatched each other homework copy,
We have never gossipped about anything,
We have never surprised each other by gifts,
We have never hanged out at different places,
We have never takenĀ selfies to keep as a memory,
We have never stolen each other things just to irritate and have fun.
Even though,
We belong to a different country,
Speak a different language,
Have a different body colour,
Celebrate different festivals,
Have a different clock time,
Different culture,
But still,
We are connected by the heart.
Even though, We have so many differences,
We share the same sky and land,
We have the same feelings and emotions.
We can’t meet each other physically,
But we are connected through social media,
“How was your day ?”
“How are you?” These questions remove every single stress of the day,
They have the power to turn a bad day into a good day,
These questions bring a cute smile to a face.
We can share any secret,
It will remain a secret.
Our Relationship is notĀ  common,
It is special,
It is a true bond of everlasting friendship,
It is built on trust
Which will never break,
Someday we will meet physically face to face,
That I promise you today.

I Will Let You Go.

It has to end like this I guess…
Maybe it was our fate.
I know, I broke your heart,
I never tried to understand you,
I never gave you sufficient love,
Maybe you love me for my flaws,
Today, I don’t want to make another mistake,
Tomorrow, I don’t want to regret it.
I Just want to live this last moment with you.
I Just want to hold your hand for the last time.
I Just want to look deep into your dark eyes which tell our whole relationship journey.
In this silent and twinkling starlight,
I Just want to glance at your beauty without a single blink,
Maybe tomorrow your beauty will shine in someone else eyes,
I don’t care anymore,
I will let you go.
I Just want to live this last beautiful moment with you.

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